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One of the reasons for our success is that the principals of our firm learned their “trade,” the management business, from the ground-up. And as we grow, we hire the best available people to build on our core strengths. At Einsidler Management, we maintain a communicative, open office environment so our valued staff can contribute to our success and grow with us. We invite you to meet the many capable people who comprise our organization.

Don Einsidler Don Einsidler President/Property Manager
Over 30 years of Experience
Michael Einsidler Michael Einsidler Secretary/Treasurer & Property Manager
Over 30 years of Experience
Bob Einsidler Bob Einsidler V.P./Director / Field Operations
Over 30 years of Experience
Mel Einsidler Mel Einsidler Construction Engineer
Over 50 years of Experience
Fred Einsidler Fred Einsidler Construction Engineer
Over 52 years of Experience
Paul Buraczenski Paul Buraczenski Executive V.P. of Operations/HUD Specialist/Property Manager
Over 30 years of Experience
Bob Dupre Bob Dupre Chief Operating Officer
Frank Nieves Frank Nieves Site Manager
Over 20 years of Experience
Valerie Donahue Valarie Donohue Property Manager
Over 20 years of Experience
Richard Shyman Richard Shyman Property Manager
Ellen Hansen Ellen Hansen Assistant Property Manager/Accounts Payable & Receivable
Leslie Bennett Leslie Bennett Sales Coordinator
Geordie Grassie Geordie Grassie Property Manager over 20 Years Experience
Christine Siehs Christine Siehs Property Manager
Over 5 years of Experience
Ann Bergen Ann Bergen Property Manager & Customer Service
Over 10 years of Experience
Melissa Zezima Melissa Zezima Property Manager
Sandra Encarnacion Sandra Encarnacion Property Manager
Paul Gold Paul Gold Property Manager/Accounts Payable & Recievable
Marsi Butow Marsi Butow Property Manager
Roseanne Hannafey Roseanne Hannafey Assisted Housing Manager (HUD)
Nydia Sierra Nydia Sierra Assisted Housing Manager/Service Coordinator (HUD)
Stephanie Edson Stephanie Edson Assisted Housing Manager/Service Coordinator (HUD)
Kristen Hagenson Kristen Hagenson Assisted Housing Manager (HUD)
Janet Meyerson Assisted Housing Manager/Bookeeper/Payroll
30 years of Financial Management
Alexis Rodgers Alexis Rodgers Assisted Housing Manager/
Service Coordinator (HUD)
IMG_5725 Amanda Marshen Assisted Housing Manager
Barbara Composto Barbara Composto Bookkeeper/Comptroller
Jeff Modell Jeff Modell Bookkeeper/Comptroller
Doris Fischer Doris Fischer Accounts Payable & Receivable
Roseanna Greco Roseanna Greco Accounts Payable & Assistant to Payroll
Rachel Stackow Rachel Stackow Accounts Payable & Receivable
Christine Parchen Christine Parchen Property Manager
Sherri DeRiso Sherri DeRiso Executive Secretary
Karl Abbey Karl Abbey Field Rep/Einsidler Maintenance Services Inc.
Dan Einsidler Dan Einsidler

Field Representative

Marilyn Weinberg Marilyn Weinberg Head Receptionist and Administrative Aide
Dottie Svenson Dottie Svenson Receptionist and Administrative Aide with over 50 years in the real estate management business

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