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Property Management Reports

Property Management Reports

Einsidler Management provides detailed and easy-to-understand computer-generated reports to our client boards and/or finance committees, on a monthly basis or as appropriate. After we have met with your Board, we can provide sample reports appropriate to your cooperative’s business needs.

Our state-of-the-art computer system, which includes Excel software, can create any type of customized report you require, including:

Analysis of Charges and Collections

  • Opening balances
  • Ordinary invoiced items
  • Adjustments
  • Extra charges
  • Amounts collected
  • Closing balances
  • Each shareholder’s account
  • Breakdown of all items on last page of analysis

Monthly Cash A/P Invoice Analysis

  • Invoice number
  • General ledger category
  • Date of each check run
  • Breakdown of each general ledger category

Monthly Budget Analysis

  • Comparison of budget to actual collections and expenditures
  • Month-to-date figures
  • Year-to-date figures

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